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Pyramid Model

What is the Pyramid Model?

The Pyramid Model is a framework for supporting the social and emotional development of our children. The goal of the Pyramid Model is to create an environment where every child feels good about coming to school. This is accomplished by designing classrooms that promote engagement in learning and by building positive relationships among children, families, and staff. In our use of the Pyramid Model, our classroom staff will work together to ensure that all children understand behavior expectations, receive instruction in social skills, and those who are struggling receive individual support.

The Pyramid Model illustrates that the foundation for helping children develop social and emotional skills is nurturing and responsive relationships and high quality environments. The middle of the Pyramid, teaching of social and emotional skills, is provided to all children with some children receiving additional teaching and support. The top of the Pyramid shows that a few children will need the foundation, the middle AND individualized intervention to address challenging behavior. To use the Pyramid Model, our program established a leadership team that will provide ongoing support to our staff and families. Our leadership team looks forward to sharing some of the important work we are doing, including teaching program-wide expectations, partnering with families, training staff in teaching strategies, providing classroom coaching to help teachers implement, and using data for decision-making. Stay tuned for ongoing updates about the Pyramid Model in our program!

(Excerpt from the MNCoe Pyramid Model Family Fact Sheet)

Additional Information

Super Friends

The preschool classrooms are focusing on "Super Friends" as a part of our Pyramid Initiative. Super Friends are recognized when they demonstrate skills such as sharing, requesting toys appropriately, using kind words, etc. 


Early Childhood Super Friends

The Early Childhood center has recognized its first Super Friend.

A preschooler in a cape holding up his Super Friend award.